Friday, September 5, 2008

Ad Nauseam

The allure of advertising is astonishing. People devote their entire lives into tricking us to love their products. I am helpless against this kind of awesome power. Why try to fight it. In the end I will still end up as a mindless, salivating fool dialing frantically before the deal ends.

For now, I am safe. My limited budget prevents me from purchasing anything but the essential items. I have found my self awestruck from time to time by new products on television before realizing they have no value in my life.

"Wow, that mini pancake maker is so amazing. I won't ever have to spend time stressing over my mini pancakes. Wait, I've never even wanted to make mini pancakes before."

I don't know if I had money to throw around whether I would spend it on frivolous items. All I am saying is I can sympathize with those who do, even if I disagree with the choice. You can't fight the power of thousands of mind control specialists and a quick and efficient onion cutter.

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Anonymous said...

It's easy to make mini-pancakes, NTG, if your batter is the right consistency. The dough cooks as you pour it, so you just pour smaller and that's how it sets.

I am not big on frivolous, but that's a subjective term. If you live with a woman who wears the same pair of ugly brown loafers all year, you might incline to disagree.

But if I had more money to throw around, I would not really change my spending habits. I am happy with my recent shoe binge. With 10 pairs, I have every shoe a woman could ever want, and all of them are reasonably priced, and all of them real leather, and tasteful, and walkable.

This is something exciting for me. I can visit the Queen, or go see a ballgame, and look perfectly respectable. If I landed 5 million dollars tomorrow, I would still not buy any more shoes. LOL! I might go grab somebody and take off on a month-long vacation, though.

So far as ads go, it takes money to make money, the old adage goes. Ain't that the truth. In fact, money is more important than talent or brains when you can just steal all your ideas from the poor suckers who have no money. :D