Sunday, September 7, 2008

Convention Recap

With both conventions over, I thought it would be a good moment to reflect on some of the memories of the past two weeks.

Obama bursts into a rage when he is told that his 60 foot tall statue will not be ready in time to be part of the backdrop for his acceptance speech.

The Palin/Whats-his-name ticket rides a wave of support from newly energized Republicans.

Joe Lieberman vows to speak at the Libertarian convention in 2012 and possibly the Green Party convention the following cycle if he is still in politics.

Confirming many physicist's belief in the idea of matter/antimatter, Fox News and MSNBC are instantly annihilated after bumping into one another.

Joe Biden tells the compelling story of his family's tragic auto accident, his son's tour in Iraq, riding the train everyday to work, losing a leg in Korea, and curing polio.

Confirming what Democrats have long claimed, McCain rips off his mask to reveal he has actually been Bush all along.


Anonymous said...

Hi N.T.G. It has been really um- interesting, huh? :/

McCain is TOTALLY overshadowed by Palin, because she deliberately upstages everybody. People are saying I am afraid of her. I think any reasonable person would be. Most people do not like pushy, uptight, thoughtless women. Only pushy, thoughtless women like pushy, uptight, thoughtless women. They represent 9% of the population, but the wind chill can make it feel like 39%.

And I find the comparisons to Thatcher ridiculous. Come to think of it, I am unable to find any comparison. She is such a meld of all the most typical LCD female types that she does not appear to have enough unique qualities to enable such a comparison. Clearly, "pander" is her middle name. People pander when they have little understanding of what needs to be done.

McCain is even stupider than Bush, and that's just tragic. You can really see it in how he comports himself on stage with his associates. He is completely at the mercy of those around him, and has no grasp of anything important whatsoever. Suffering alone does not make a person wise, I am afraid. (Blind courage is something that also many stupid people have in abundance.)

Maybe elaborate a little on the MSNBC / Fox News thing? I am not sure what you are talking about.

jq said...

"Confirming many physicist's belief in the idea of matter/antimatter, Fox News and MSNBC are instantly annihilated after bumping into one another."

*POOF* Hilarious, NTG. Absolutely hilarious.

Cindy, check out this article for info on anti-matter; it's basically the theoretical opposite of actual matter, so it's virtually impossible to observe in natural space.

I'm having a hard time putting a finger on your political stances, Cindy; you're a McCain supporter, right? :)

DISCLAIMER: NTG, I apologize for the following political discussion. A gauntlet was thrown down, and I have a hard time leaving those things lying around...

"People are saying I am afraid of [Sarah Palin]. I think any reasonable person would be. Most people do not like pushy, uptight, thoughtless women."

I, for one, thought Palin did an excellent job. A VP is supposed to be an attack dog, so her talking points weren't surprising. Conversely, I was actually impressed by how well she maintained her dignity while making those attacks. Every jab was well-placed and well-backed-up.

As for her being "pushy," "uptight," and "thoughtless," are you sure you're not thinking of another prominent woman in this election? 'Cause I didn't see any of that in Palin; rather, I'd say "strong," "focused," and "honest." I might venture to add "genuine," if that's allowed.

Anonymous said...

JQ, I can see how someone is getting that opinion. It's transparent to me, though. I've had experience with her type before. I watch her and I see the cracks, and the insecurities.

She knows how to maintain appearances at the expense of substance. She neglected her health during her last pregnancy and frankly, after finding out her income, I am not seeing any excuses for this atrocity.

She is certainly much more of a bleeding-heart liberal than she lets on. It's just that she's so hardened that she can't pull it off, so she chooses to go with the Republican base. HEr religious convictions are for show. She is too common to lead a prosperous country. Too headstrong to represent a female population which already has escalating problems with child care and nurturing.

And I never threw down a gauntlet. Furthermore, anybody who sides with that woman for being a republican is a damned fool. She's nothing but a sociopath in $300.00 glasses, who is saying whatever she has to say to be popular. The red necks are the easiest group to suck up to. Look how far Bush got with that con-artist *rap.

One more point— she would NOT be V.P. She would be PRESIDENT. McCain behaves like a dead man around her. She is an emasculating woman who cannot take no. America would be more hated than ever. Everybody is afraid of women like her. It has little, if anything, to do with McCain.

Anonymous said...

Oh— and thanks for the wiki link. LOL! I already read it. I fail to see how it sheds any light whatsoever on my original question about the two networks.

jq said...

Perhaps we should just agree to disagree, Cindy. We're obviously both viewing Palin through different prisms of experience, so we have our own opinions.

As for the "anti-matter" joke, I think NTG was just commenting on the polar-opposite reporting perspectives of Fox News and MSNBC; Fox News is slanted to the conservative viewpoint, while MSNBC is slanted to the liberal viewpoint. The joke is that, being such extreme opposites, direct contact would cancel both out, as with matter and anti-matter.

To MSNBC's credit, however, they've recently removed Keith Olbermann (sp?) and Chris Matthews from their "neutral" campaign reporting for obvious liberal bias in their comments during conference coverage. Kudos for that.

Anonymous said...

I think you have it all messed up. Kindly refrain from challenging me in the future, JQ. I don't get anything interesting out of it.

jq said...

"I think you have it all messed up."

Are you referring to my explanation of the Fox/MSNBC thing? 'Cause that was NTG's (well-played) joke, not mine.

"Kindly refrain from challenging me in the future, JQ. I don't get anything interesting out of it."

Wow. I didn't come here looking for a fight. On the contrary, NTG's blog is usually a light-hearted place to hang your hat for a few minutes; he hits political points from time to time, but everything is played for humor and not to endorse a particular candidate or party.

So here I am with the 5-year-old argument: "You started it!" You're the one who opened with the severe McCain/Palin bashing, as if Mrs. Palin had personally burned down your house after running over your dog repeatedly. I just tried to balance the scale a bit, so to speak.

In my opinion, your adversarial, condescending tone is entirely unwarranted by the conversation here, which indicates that you came in with a pre-existing chip on your shoulder. Fine, whatever; that's your deal. Just try to lose the arrogance when conversing with people you know next-to-nothing about.

"Most people do not like pushy, uptight, thoughtless women..."

Anonymous said...

I am sorry, but I do not remember stating anything. LOL!

Nadingo said...

Just great. The idiotic political debate has driven off the author of this blog and caused him to stop posting for a week.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry if I drove you off your blog. I missed you all week.

JQ said...

I've been trying to find a way to reach NTG outside of adding yet another link to this already-too-long chain. I guess this is the only medium.

NTG, I also apologize for my part in this argument, if that's what's halted your creativity on this blog. Your silence certainly seems to indicate disappointment with the direction that the comments have taken.

Just try to remember that it's the articles, not the comments, that make the blog. The great and not-so-great thing about a blog is that it's open to the entire world; anyone can (and might) read your words and leave their thoughts. Some are welcome and contribute meaningful ideas, others not so much, while still others comment merely to cause strife. I believe we call the latter "trolls."

(NOTE: I'm not categorizing Cindy as a "troll;" I thought she had some meaningful insight, despite the tone that I disagreed with...)

As the author of the blog, you have to rise above them all and strive to keep your own wit about you, without letting your readership dissuade you.

I do miss your daily insights, and I look forward to the time when I can read them again.

JQ said...

NTG! What's up?!

It's been almost a month and no posts; where are you?