Thursday, September 4, 2008

Destroyed by the Bell

Much of life is spent dealing with stress. When happiness is so closely related to stress, we can't help but strive to reduce it. It seems, however, that people today are conditioned to move themselves towards these stressful situations.

I find the easiest way to manage the problem is to write out everything I need to do. When it's swirling around my head it tends to engulf me in a vortex of hopeless tasks. When I see it in a neat organized layout I can't help but laugh.

Brush my teeth? Take out the trash? These were adding to my stress?

Usually only one task on the list is actually important. The rest just add padding to make it looked bulkier.

The old days are always thought of as a simpler time. I don't know if that's true. I can imagine that the stress of feeding your family or letting them starve was fairly overwhelming.

Life is like a bell curve. It's difficult to get downtime because hard working people out there are getting A's and screwing up the curve. We are pushed towards worrisome all-nighters just to squeak by with a C.

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Anonymous said...

Hi There,
I hope you do not mind if I comment here. I find your writing thought provoking. I am sorry to hear you are under so much stress. I am not sure how to react, except in my opinion, pleasure ought to be relaxing.

A lot of people had big families before we invented birth control. We used to use child labor, and this is why they made abortion illegal. People also needed help on their farms before things were so automated. The kids apprenticed, and they helped feed the family.

Even if my life depended on it, I would be unable to keep off hours. I need 7 hours of night time sleep or else I turn into a zombie. :/ I wake up at 6:30 every morning without an alarm clock.

So far as the harder workers getting ahead— no comment.