Saturday, May 24, 2008

Number One

This is my first blog post, but by the time you read it there will have been more posts up, so thank you for reminiscing. I hope it means you enjoy this site, and not because you accidently clicked the link on the way to the stumble button.

Expect this blog to have posts on politics, music, entertainment, odd stories, and just general rants. I will try to update daily unless I can't get to a computer every once in a while.

Here is how I plan to organize my media empire.

This Blog - Will keep this page fairly clean and work friendly. Won't put up many pictures, if any.
Media Blog - Things I photoshop, or new song announcements. Maybe videos someday.
Myspace Music Page - Will update some days with new songs - Index of the three sites above.

It's the small things online that really get you. You read a blog that has a reference to Randy Quaid. You look him up on Wikipedia and follow a link to Major League II. Before you know it you're learning how to sculpt cheese into the faces of celebrities. It's a slippery slope that I hope I can contribute to.

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