Friday, May 30, 2008

Redefining Unwinding

A few years ago everyone was screaming about the end of the music industry. "Oh no, if people think they can just get music for free musicians will stop making music, piano instructors will quit, all the old Beatles records will be burned, and the sun will explode." It was apparent to all level headed people that music would go on, but in a different way. Rolling Stone had a recent article about the new face of the music industry. Big Surprise.

It's called transition. It's not always pretty, but everyone has to go through it. It goes back to the caveman ranting that the wheel will kill the stone boot industry.

The same thing that happened with music is happening now with television. The internet will not kill television. Entertainment will live on. Full length shows will not be replaced by short 2 minute skits. Online viewers have a shorter attention span because most are under twenty. They will eventually refine their tastes and watch shows like Gilmore Girls.

Business men are damn good at adapting and finding new ways to make money. I see the television becoming more internet based than the other way around. It's exciting to think that eventually any show will be available at anytime. No more watching Jurassic Park for the 200th time because nothing else is on.

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