Monday, May 26, 2008

Ms. Information and the Robo-Risks

The future of the Earth, especially because of new technology in genetics and computers, contains many troubling questions. How much engineering can you do to a person before they are no longer human? How fast will it be possible to microwave waffles? Who killed Tupac?

I fear for the future of reliable information. All information, from books to television to newspapers will inevitably be transferred to the internet. LakersLoverBoy812 will be the Tom Brokaw of the future. This brings with it serious problems for Democracy. Without a reliable source, how will we know what is true?

I fear the future of reality. What Photoshop does for the authenticity of pictures, holograms and virtual reality could do for normal life. I don't so much fear a 'Matrix' version of the future as I do a jerk with a keyboard and a little 3D modeling experience.

Okay, I take back the 'Matrix' statement. I do fear robots. Honda's robot ASIMO is already walking around comfortably and serving drinks. It's not long before Japan and America team up on robots. Once their innovation joins together with our love of blowing things up, it’s all over.

I don't fear environmental problems or energy shortages. Humans are procrastinators by nature, but when the situation becomes dire, survival instinct kicks in and amazing things can be done. The earth will get hotter, gas lines will form, but we will continue long as ASIMO doesn't have a temper.

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