Saturday, May 31, 2008

How to Name a Band

1. Think of a Catchy Name
Go ahead. Think of anything. The sky is the limit. You want something that will stand out and really set your band apart. It should catch people's attention in a creative way, and not be gross, cutesy, or bizarre.

That Name Has Already Been Taken
That sucks. A reggaeton band already took that name on Myspace. Why are there so many damn bands?

Try Another Name
a. Grab a Dictionary
Pick a good word and add a 'The' to the front. Any normal word that won't sound like you picked it out of a dictionary will work. It's probably already been taken, but thats why you need to keep trying. Here, I'll do it right now. "The Scratchers". Already been taken. Alright how about "The Mittens". Nope. "The Otters". Nope. We'll, lets just move on.

Add an Unassociated Adjective
If you fail at part 'a' there is always the alternative of adding an adjective. For your best chances, add one that doesn't go with your noun. Something like "The Desert Otters", "The Wicked Otters", or "The Squealing Otters".

c. Play the Odds
The longer a name is, the better your chances are that the name has never been used. If you name your band "...and You Will Know Us By The Mittens We Wear", then you are guaranteed to have an original name. If you check and someone already has that name, then God does not want you to be in a band.

4. Check the Web
You have to look towards the future. You don't want all your hard work taken away because there is already a men's club in Tucson, Arizona named "The Desert Otters". Also, you need to make sure that you don't share your name with a cult, or that it is slang for something sexual. You really don't want to know what a fluffy mitten means on the street

5. Get Out There and Rock
Or more likely talk about learning to play the guitar for a while, then give up and get a job.

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