Sunday, June 1, 2008

The D.C.

I am so thankful for the way our political system is run.

If I lived in another country I might have to hear actual issues. Luckily I am bombarded with the more important matters such as crazy pastors, age issues, and inaccurate recollections of decades old events.

Economic plan? Immigration reform? Yeah, yeah, yeah, get to the part about what kind of soda McCain prefers. Does Hilary get her pantsuits specially tailored, or does she go to some kind of outlet store? Is Obama really black? If I were to draw him with crayons would I really choose the black, or would raw umber be a better decision? These are the issues that concern me.

Politics has become more and more like a soap opera. There are backstabbings, affairs, and fights. You never know who will be the bad guy each week. It all depends on where the storyline goes. The media already writes its own narrative, so I believe it's time to scrap the "news" format all together and just write weekly scripts. That way a video editor can go through the past few years of clips and only pull out the ones that are the most interesting.

Do I sense a compelling Obama, Clinton, McCain love triangle?

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