Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Green Cheese

Oswald shot Kennedy. There was no secret CIA plot, there was no magic bullet, there was no communist conspiracy. For a while I didn't believe the official story, but after getting enough information, it seems like the most reasonable answer. A big problem with conspiracy theories today is the oversaturation. Internet is the perpetrator. If I was presented one point of view, I might question the official report, but if I'm told a drone, a missile, or a controlled demolition could have been responsible for 9/11, I'm more likely to believe the accepted answer.

I also believe that we really went to the moon, but NASA isn't helping that these days. I can understand not being able to make it back to there for a couple years. When it costs ten billion dollars to test the effects of zero gravity on granola, it would take a while to gather up the resources for a moon mission. I have a conflict when we send out unmanned spacecraft to study how we can land on the surface. We already landed there. We played golf and hopped around. We did it with nothing but a typewriter and duck tape. Today we have high tech microcomputers, yet we are fascinated with the prospect of finally getting to the surface. It just doesn't add up.

The space program is frustrating in general. I was hoping I could ride an elevator up to space at some point in my lifetime. With the current progress, we'll be lucky if we remember how to make rocket fuel in 30 years.

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