Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Berry Bloody World

Mankind is in a constant state of war. It's the ultimate cruel joke that no human wants war, yet it can never be stopped. The motivation behind war has evolved over the years.

War started out as a way to get what you wanted. If your neighbor had berries, and they looked sweeter than your own berries, you would declare war on them and then bake a pie over their destroyed village.

War then evolved to struggles for power. Power struggles involved berries just the same as the earlier wars, but the wars did not stop when all the bellies were full. Citizens fought for berry bushes for the glory of their king and country. "Glory" being the king's ability to flick off his neighbors with a snide grin.

The latest evolution of war has been "for the greater good". The first two states of war are still involved, but now leaders, sincerely or not, try to appeal to man's desire to improve the planet. "We want everyone to have a bushel of berries, but first we must take control of all berries." Nazism and both sides of the Cold War operated under this principle, though the goals and approaches were drastically different.

My prediction for the next stage of war is either:
1. Morality - Differing views on genetics and technology.
2. Step One Revisited - We blow ourselves up and go back to fighting for pie.

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Somebody having a lousy day, perchance? :)