Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Football By Hex

What does it say about our country that success is coupled with mass animosity. We are a country that likes the underdog, but it goes well beyond that. A record breaking team is consistently rooted against. A philanthropist star is seen as pompous and preachy.

Has civilization always been that way? Do history books reflect a more romantic view of figures such as George Washington? It is possible that his men were jealous of his wig and his cool portraits. I'm sure he came across as a little arrogant when he talked about winning a war against the world's biggest superpower, being the father of a new country, and being married to that hot Martha Washington.

Being the underdog in sports means you have a worse record than your opponent. We are a country that supports luck over talent. The Patriots are amazing and all...but I would just love to see the Giants have an on night and beat this much more deserving team. I don't know if this thought process is inherent or learned, but it sure seems reversed. I really wish the Hawks had won.


Anonymous said...

Rooting for the underdog is probably (to some extent) caused by the egalitarianism of democracy--more specifically, our dumbed-down democracy, where not only can you express any idea, but all ideas are equally *valid*. Merit is looked down upon as elitist.

Anonymous said...

P.S. Your blog is a hidden gem! Clever, current, biting social satire.