Friday, June 27, 2008

Freshman Friday

I wonder how the process of easing a new individual into the presidency works. The election portion is well covered through television, radio, newspapers, flyers, water-cooler discussions, cereal boxes, action figures, etc., but there is not as much discussion of the first few days in office. When does he get to learn all the dirty little secrets.

One method of getting the new president up to date would be to throw out all the information at once. It would be a lot of unsettling news, but it would avert many uncomfortable situation. "Mr. President, may I introduce Jimmy Hoffa. Oh really...I could have sworn we told you. Must have slipped my mind." I actually bet that I would be let down from what I learned. There was probably a lone gunman, no UFO cover up, and a real moon landing.

Easing a president into the information would probably be safer, but makes you question who really runs the government.

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