Sunday, June 22, 2008

Juicy Rumor and Political Humor

I like to think that Washington DC is extemely important because it's the place where policies are decided that will have an impact on the entire world. Reporters there are so much more informed and professional then the reporters in Hollywood that spew out stories of celebrity pregnancies and breakups while chasing after stars and leaving behind trails of drool.

This little schema of the news has slowly been shattered over the past few months as I've witnessed the world of politics in its 21st century form. The utter destruction has come in stages, but the real clincher was the week Clinton conceded.

When reporters found out Obama was not on the plane he had scheduled to fly in, it was like a teenager had just smashed a wasp nest with a baseball bat. Journalists buzzed out in a million directions looking for a target to swarm on. Who did Obama think he was, Brad Pitt?

It was at that moment that I realized all you had to do was replace the name Obama with John Mayer and Clinton with Jessica Simpson, and you had gossip worthy of a small picture in the corner of Star Magazine below a giant spread on Tom Cruise claiming he could fly.

Reporters and photographers are the same everywhere. They want the story, and will cause a stampede down any major street if they spot someone that looks important.


Anonymous said...

I read in Time Magazine that Obama exchanges email with Hollywood starlets. I wonder how Michelle feels about this. Could it be there was more then meets the ears to the "pathetic" comment? Hmmm…

Maybe we ought to put tracking technology on both camps and study the degree of interaction.

Anonymous said...

Woopsie on the grammar. I meant to type, "than".