Saturday, June 28, 2008


Keeping track of my passwords is getting more and more difficult. I have about 10 separate passwords. I have one for my home computer, work computer, email, punch-card page, and two for online banking. Those are just the ones I go on daily. I have many additional assorted ones. The worst part is most of those have to be changed consistently, so that no one can secretly read my emails while punching me out for an hour lunch break.

The problem with a desire for a universal password is that every site seems to have a different requirement for passwords. My main password has no numbers. Some sites require at least one or two. Some sites make you put in a capital letter. Others require you to have at least one Bob Dylan reference in your password.

Until I figure out a password that contains letters, numbers, symbols, at least one Waynes brother, is less than 6 characters, and is more than 7 characters, I'm out of luck.


Anonymous said...

I am quite certain you'll figure it all out. You seem like a bright enough fellow! :)

Dingo said...

Man, without comments like these, this site really wouldn't be worth reading.