Sunday, June 8, 2008

Out of Africa

I've been studying the different countries in Africa recently. I enjoy learning as long as it has no benefit to me. It's made me truly realize how much a few European countries have ruined the entire world.

Twentieth century foreign policy basically amounted to a manager throwing the last Wii into a holiday crowd, running the other direction, and hoping everything worked itself out. Boy, Europeans sure ruined the lives of some Africans, Arabs, and Asians. Luckily they hold no grudges.

As European countries ran away with arms flailing from their colonies, they left behind weak governments. It's no secret, what these countries needed most was decent infrastructure. Instead, they got lots of war. A good investment goes a long way. Look at how well the US fixed Europe after WWII. Nowdays they have so much wealth that they doggy paddle through wine and cheese on the way to work.

My point of all this is about America's current Middle East policy. At this point, the best option is to give Iraq and Afghanistan so many roads and hospitals that hey forget what the desert looks like. Everyone likes a day at the beach, but after a few hours, you question if the fun is worth the amount of sand in your lungs. Iran will take a look around and wonder why they are the only ones who don't have dusty underwear. The problem with this scenario is once the bombs stop, America smiles and waves goodbye. Enjoy your weak government and infinite sand.

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