Saturday, June 7, 2008

Rockets, Deception, and Peter Pan

News blips can really get your hopes up. I saw the picture of a man with rocket wings flying over the Alps. My reaction was standard, "Hell yes! Rocket wings! How long till I can get some at Wal-Mart." It took some research to find out the man was first dropped out of a plane. Great, a hang glider with bottle rockets taped on.

I demand more media transparency. Those jerks know exactly what they're doing. It happens all the time. The headline is, "New Pill Allows Men to Fly". You read more and find out, "Qrstuvacore reduces anxiety during long airline flights". Intentional deception. Newsmen will even add a picture of Peter Pan to ensure maximum dream crushage.

We're all responsible for playing up uninteresting stories. My friends think I went to a crazy bar on Friday. I really just ate a taco salad at Chili's. Not a lie, just an eye-catching exaggeration.

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