Friday, June 20, 2008

Complete Fadness

It's amazing how fast our tastes change as a society. One minute you're jean shorts and a Pearl Jam shirt, and suddenly you turn around and only Arnie, the kid with a bowl cut listening to Smash Mouth on his Discman, has on similar clothes.

Movies that I remember being very well done now look like a big joke to me. I used to think sci-fi films in the 90's were intense and entertaining. When I watch them now I think, "this is not how people would talk if they were going to war against aliens". Maybe stress from an extraterrestrial invasion really does cause poor voice infliction and stale dialog.

Television is the worst. There are a ton of movies that are timeless. TV, on the other hand, plays towards the crowd of the week. Old shows are enjoyable only for nostalgic purposes. Otherwise, watching a maid crack jokes like, "this rag is dustier than Dwight Eisenhower's farm bill" are unbearable.

Books are the best for standing the test of time. Novels can communicate human thoughts and emotions that are the same in every generation without involving too much pop culture. That is why kids in school are still reading The Canterbury Tales, and you can't find Mork & Mindy anywhere on television.

Luckily we have finally figured the system out, and future generations will look back at us and realize how cool we really are. Women with giant glasses will never go out of style.

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