Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Conspiracy Nuts and Bolts

The internet empowers the stupidest amongst us to raise up and be heard. The idiot revolution is starting to gain momentum, and we need to put down before it's too late.

Idiots are no longer confined to their homes, complaining to anyone within earshot about how the government has just approved a plan to put tracking devices in every person's head. They have a platform to spread their ideas to the world.

Whenever I watch a documentary online about global conspiracies I'm usually very intrigued. Everyone wants to solve a mystery, and what's better than a worldwide mystery.

After the documentary is over I usually do a quick fact check, and find that I have completely wasted two hours of my life. They had to have stumbled across a complete contradiction to their claims somewhere along the line. It's like these online conspiracy nuts are blindfolded and swinging randomly at a pinata that does not exist.

I don't want my government removed because there is a fear they are really lizard people. Even if they turn out to be lizard people I don't really mind. Lizards are notoriously skilled at economics.


Anonymous said...

Really?! Or are they just good at taking big, chomping bites out of other people's lunch! LOL!

jq said...

Lizards ROCK at economics. They'll save you a bundle on car insurance...

Not This God said...

Hahaha, thats great. I wish I had thought of that myself. Would have fit well in my post. Good catch.