Wednesday, August 6, 2008

What's Going On

I thought I would summarize some of the events of the past week for those of you who have been on vacation or just hate to be informed about the world.

McCain comes up with ad idea mocking Obama's celebrity status using Dorothy Gish and Fay Wray. Realizing neither actress is still alive, McCain's aids secretly edit Paris Hilton into the commercial.

Obama throws out the race card, unaware that McCain was holding the "here he goes bring up race" card. It's +2 to blocking and +4 to irritation from suburban families. Very effective.

Morgan Freeman narrates his entire car accident and following emergency response, going so far as to drive his paramedics to tears with beautiful dialogue about the tragedies of life.

As athletes begin to arrive in China, concerns are raised about human rights, air pollution, and awakening ancient dragons.

A suspect in the anthrax case commits suicide. Good enough for us. Case closed.

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