Saturday, August 30, 2008

Political Yahtzee

Politics these days really is amazing. It is no longer about a decent person coming forward to lead the country. It is more like a game of chess between two ad agencies where each move is crucial.

In the old days it was possible to make mistakes. A candidate could get up on stage and accidentally threaten the pope, and it may not even be reported on. Now everything is being taped. A presidential candidate cannot play Yahtzee with his family without it ending up on youTube.

Instead of it being about a single person, it is about the dozens of people sitting in a room figuring out a strategy to take down their opponent through subtle hints and downright attacks.

Everyone knew in advance what McCain's move would be yesterday. It still worked like a charm. It was like Obama's speech never existed. Now the ball is in Obama's court. Let's see if all this basketball he's been practicing will pay off.


Anonymous said...

And healthy people are not healthy by accident, either. I m tired of healthy being an accident, and sick being an excuse to make people *^%$#!!! sicker.

Anonymous said...

Sorry that one was so out of context. In reference to the subject, I'd say that whereas the race ought to be one of achievement, it has been reduced to a wrestling match, with eye-gouging on nearly all fronts. Perhaps anybody with any integrity whatsoever would have backed out by now. Kind of disparaging, no?