Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Like the rest of the media, I was unsure about how Clinton's speech would go over. Would she unite the party? Would see speak positively of Obama? To my horror the answer to these was "yes". I had no way of knowing a politician like Hillary would do this. Honestly, I made a huge mistake. I wrote my blog last night before the speech started, and have learned to never make assumptions again. I have no time today to make revisions, so I apologize for the inaccuracies in my "recollection" of events.

The second I saw Senator Clinton walk onto the stage I knew the night would be a disaster. Her "Clinton-Clinton '08" shirt was completely inappropriate. Calling Obama's change equivalent to the change brought on by an outbreak of Ebola was just downright mean.

The real shocker was when McCain took the stage and high-fived Hillary. That just has no place at a Democratic convention.

Just when I thought the worst was over, violence erupted on the floor. Hillary yelled to her supporters to attack anyone wearing an Obama shirt. Delegates clashed with each other, thrusting their signs and ripping off pins. The one positive moment was Clinton's quote, "You'll need universal health care when I'm done with you". I thought it was brilliant tie-in.

Why this year, with so much on the line, did the Democrats not come together? Why wasn't Hillary's speech unifying? Why Hillary, why?

Once again, I apologize for my mistake. Clinton made huge strides to unify the Democrats. I am just as shocked as all the commentators were. I'm still waiting for Bill's speech though. We all know he's a loose canon and could say anything about Barack.

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jq said...

The way she kept basking in the initial applause and showed no signs of calming the crowd, I halfway expected her to renew her campaign right then and there ("That's right folks! I'M your candidate! It's not too late to change your vote!").

I was as shocked as you to see how clearly she directed her supporters to back Obama, although you could still see some remnants of her belief that she was the better candidate. The whole tone seemed to be one of, "If you can't have me, then take Barack; at least he's a Democrat."

On a personal note, I've been disgusted by how many times I've heard "God" referred to by the speakers at the DNC, Hillary in particular. Last I checked, it's the Democratic Party that's been trying to remove the notion of "God" from all aspects of our political lives; isn't it tad hypocritical to use His name on the campaign trail if you're just going to flush it out once you're in office?

OK, my rant's over.