Friday, August 1, 2008

Another One Down the Tube

America is a democracy where we elect people like us to represent us. It is why voters choose someone they would enjoy having a beer with over a candidate who is out of touch. Explain then how 75% of Americans use the internet, yet an embarrassingly large number of leaders don't know the difference between an ethernet port and a DVD player.

I don't expect a senator to walk around holding an iPhone and talking on his BlueTooth, but I would like him to be able to know that the internet is more than "a series of tubes".

30 years ago, I would have expected my senators to at least be able to use a typewriter instead of scribbling things down with a quill pen. Everyone knew the internet would change the world over ten years ago. Five years ago you were either using the internet or living in a tree fort.

Here is a little instruction guide for getting online. Click the power button then click the little blue 'e' twice with the mouse.. No no, don't worry Ted Stevens, you won't break the internet.

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