Thursday, July 31, 2008

Obama's Summer Vacation

We have all seen the clips over and over again of Obama's recent trip to the Middle East and Europe. The media picks 5 videos and replays them again and again. As a change, I have briefly highlighted some of the lesser known, but equally important moments of the Obama vacation:

Feeling left out, Fox News correspondents sneak aboard Obama's plane in the baggage compartment.

Jesse Jackson, disgusied as an Iraqi foreign minister, makes a lunge for Obama's nuts.

After 160 failed attempts, Lucas Film's CGI department steps in to help Obama hit a 3.

Obama fist pumps an Iraqi civilian, who is immediately arrested and taken to Guantanamo Bay.

McCain sees Bigfoot, but has no camera around to record the sighting.

Obama introduces Prime Minister Maliki as 'King of Arabia', makes a Hitler joke in his Berlin speech, and forgets to wear pants when visiting the Wailing Wall, confirming many pundit's fears that he is too inexperienced to be president.

In a last ditch effort, McCain challenges Obama to visit Paraguay before making comments on their new estate tax.

To no one's surprise, Obama rides home on a rainbow, showering Europe with gold as he flies away.


jq said...

"McCain sees Bigfoot, but has no camera around to record the sighting."

I almost choked. You almost killed me. Are you proud of yourself?

Anonymous said...

…um if it's any help, I know the Heimlich Maneuver… :/

Anonymous said...

Arabia = modern-day Saudi Arabia

If you need an anachronistic name for Iraq, you might consider "Babylon," "Mesopotamia," "Assyria," "Sumer," or "Akkad."

Still, funny post :)