Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Determination is a Counting Clock

Procrastination is an unavoidable human trait. We like to think of procrastination primarily as applying to school, but its effects span much further.

PC entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates could see the computer revolution coming with or without them, and knew their time was short. The ambitious young stock broker can feel his youth slipping away, so he yells "SELL, SELL" a little louder while jumping higher and waving his papers more frantically (imagery based on Trading Places). Old people who had no sense of urgency before will suddenly realize they are almost out of time and try to quickly glue something together. It almost never works and will inevitably fall apart.

If scientists could isolate and alter the 'sense of urgency' gene, we would all be working 13 hour days.

Clocks only have one job in life, so when one slaps me and says I'm running out of time, I listen.

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