Thursday, July 24, 2008

San Diego Magic

Children's shows have always been filled with life lessons, positive stories, and underlying messages. There are explosions and insults, but the overall theme is good for kids. The message still exists today, with many of the same stories I grew up with remade, the same way they had been remade for me.

I have observed, however, things I see as problems in our society leaking into the programming. For every lesson of patients or sharing, there is a message of how important new phones are, or how glamorous popular airhead girls live their life.

Kid's channels compete for ratings the sames as news channels. If Nickelodeon has success with a program about an elephant performing magic tricks, Disney channel will put on a live action show with an entire zoo filled with wizards.

As our society becomes better consumers, we transfer the values to our children. A new generation of spoiled brats.

I understand the absurdity of thinking an entire generation will be tainted by TV shows. I grew up bombarded by food and toy commercials and I turned out well rounded. More on that after I throw away my old iPhone and take a trip to Best Buy.

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