Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Debate Crashers

One of the worst things someone could ever do to you is take your side in an argument when they are completely uniformed. I would rather the person insult me and kick my chair over. At least that way I'm not prescribed Prozac when I tackle them to the ground.

"The new highway plan is a horrible idea."
"Yeah, it's all just so the government can make more money. The more homes the governor destroys with this highway, the more millions of dollars he makes. I know he's tied in with the oil companies."
"Okay...well I really just meant the noise would be a bother."

With little effort, that person took my credibility from Brian Williams to Geraldo Rivera in under 20 seconds. Argument over, the insane side loses. Usually anything over a 1 on 1 argument is bad news. There is no consistency in the argument, just multiple confusing views. I'm sure commentators on TV feel the same way.

I think a more effective argument style is just to take sides with the opposing view, tie in a few 9/11 conspiracy theories, and feel proud that I ruined the day of someone I don't like.


Anonymous said...

I am seeing your point about the tactic. It's called stupidity by association. It makes you want to isolate the stupid gene in runaway genetic engineering experiments.

Someone once said that the stupid people make all the rules because the smart people are too busy cleaning up their messes. I see their point. It's easy to flap at the lip and laugh while the other party scrambles.

Not This God said...

I love the quote. I'll have to remember that one. Most of the great leaders have spent a majority of their time cleaning up the mess of their predecessor.

Jamie said...

I agree. There's nothing more frustrating than someone "helping out" my side in a debate by infusing faulty logic and arguments that have already been disproven. Then I'm forced to spend half of my energy explaining to my debatee (is that a word?) that my "ally" is actually a moron and is in no way affiliated with myself or anything I am, have been, or ever will be affiliated with.

I imagine that's how political candidates feel the majority of the time...

Anonymous said...

And then there are the crazy people in politics that the stupid people put there to scare away the people who want to clean up their messes… layer upon layer of putrid ignorance.

The smart people don't have to worry, though. That's what laser beams are for.