Friday, July 18, 2008

Avoid the Small Stuff

One thing I've learned from my life is that people who work especially hard to shield themselves from a certain problem usually have to confront it in the future to a greater degree.

I understand that sanitation is very important in our society and is directly related to a longer lifespan. Hospital workers should wash their hands and chefs should fully cook their meat. My only concern is what seems like the growing number of people who apply hand sanitizer every time before eating, after touching a door knob, and before watching TV. The growing number of people drinking only soy milk and avoiding any tomatoes not grown in the backyard.

If there is an outbreak of Ebola, you have my full support to bathe in distilled mineral water and eat nothing but tofu and cauliflower, but otherwise I think it is a waste of time and can actually be adverse to health.

This is just a small gripe within the larger problem of trying to seek protection from every single one of life's problems. While trying to shield ourselves and our kids, we are overstressing and destroying many of the great aspects of life.


Anonymous said...

No idea what you're on about today. Is there ebola in the hand sanitizer?!!

I find I only get sick when I do something to compromise my immune system. Everything is constantly crawling with germs, you know. It's whether we are healthy that fends them off.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like one of those chicken soup for the soul anthologies. Mmm. Chicken soup. I like mine boilin' hawt.

Jamie said...


I know what you mean. How can we expect our bodies to fend off the contaminants and diseases they will eventually encounter if they have never had any contact with them in the past?

Small doses of diseases (vaccines, anyone?) are a vital part of our immune systems. Antibodies (aka, disease antidotes) are built up and stored "just in case". Mothers pass these antibodies on to their infants, which helps to protect them until their own antibodies can be built up.

So there you have it: hand sanitizers kill babies!!

Anonymous said...

It's cross town traffic, dude. Them nipples has holes.