Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Black and White Fight

Whenever I see old propaganda films, I can't help but think how ridiculous some ideas were and how oblivious the population could be. Then I remember how propaganda is as strong as ever and I begin to band my head against the wall.

I'm not striving to view the world through some Nihilistic lens, where there is no good or evil. There are bad people out there. I just think we get brainwashed a little.

Years ago, after hearing the same words over and over again on the news shows, radio programs, and hidden in Dennis Miller rants, I began to believe that Muslim extremists drank blood, flew with bat wings, and had uranium in their veins

To say that "Muslim fighters in Iraq have no goals, but to create chaos, kill innocents, and destroy democracy," is propaganda. It dehumanizes our human enemies, and turns a very colorful world black and white.

You can be pro war or anti war, but always remember that it is a strength to see the world through an opponent's eyes and a weakness to simply believe what you are told.

I apologize for such a serious topic that I found impossible to inject humor into, so I decided to include a joke. Two Muslims walk into a bar, then are imprisoned under Shria law for drinking alcohol. See, not funny.

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Dingo said...

Genius! It's the combination of humor, insight, and ... more humor I guess that keeps me coming back. That and the exhilarating challenge of trying to read that word verification thing.