Saturday, July 19, 2008

Impedeial Intelligence

The theory of multiple intelligences has been around for a few decades now. It started with body, verbal, logical, natural, spatial, inter and intrapersonal, and musical. Many psychologists have included other intelligences. I am here to propose an additional one.

Impedeial Intelligence - The understanding of where you are in accordance to others, and the recognition of the difficulty for individuals to continue towards their current destination while avoiding collision with you.

Under this expanded theory, people who stop their car in the middle of a neighborhood street to wait for a friend while traffic piles up behind them have very low impedeial intelligence. Those who can sense a giant tray of h'ordeurves approaching from the back and duck behind a plant to make way have very high impedeial intelligence.

I am aware that there could be multiple problems with my theory. It may fall into the category of interpersonal, meaning that they know what they are doing, but don't have much compassion for others. It may also fall under a mixture of bodily-kinesthetic, logical, and spatial intelligences, but that's just too complicated.

My theory is dependent on the idea that some people who are kind and intelligent in other respects, have no idea they are blocking the way for others. So thank you ladies chatting in front of the elevator, forcing me to walk ten feet around you, you have just affected the field of psychology.

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Anonymous said...

They tend to move out of the way real fast when a sick person who's about to projectile vomit appears on the scene…

Maybe it's all about priorities.