Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Non Jackass Syndrome

I'm not a daredevil. A side of danger is nowhere in my personality. It's not that I'm scared of danger, it's that I'm an unfamiliar face to danger. As you learn in business, the new employees are always the first to go.

It is never the 20 year veteran sky diver who falls to his death. It's always the fearful first timer who was convinced to participate by his friends. I don't know whether its luck, or experience, but "It was such a freak accident, they swapped the parachute with a hello kitty backup," is more likely than, "he parachuted over a thousand times, it was inevitable."

Johnny Knoxville flips a flaming car into a pond of angry alligators and swims out with a bruised toe. A teen rides a skateboard into a lake and breaks his arm. Pain does not scare me into being plain. "Blogger dies in freak tricycle accident" does.

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