Sunday, July 20, 2008

Day Tripper

Are peace and love for me? Would I have enjoyed being part of the hippy movement? I love the idea of the 60's. A cultural awakening, mass protests, and extraordinary music all peak my interest. It seems like it would have been fun to live in that time, but if I examine it closely, its not for me.

The pinnacle of that era would have to be Woodstock. I think every music lover would give anything to have been there, but once I sold my soul to hear Hendrix, would I be happy? Judging from my experience with music festivals, my anxiety when trapped between thousands of people, and my love of fresh water, food, and accessible restrooms, I would say no.

The LSD is always more colorful on the other side, as they say. I would say I'm satisfied with the time I'm in. It might be more fun to play the Playstation 5, but that would also involve wearing an air conditioned suit, and possibly battling renegade robots. I am happy with 2008.

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Anonymous said...

Yup-- I'm CRAZY about Hendrix. I wouldn't be too quick to get in a car while he's driving, though…

Oh yeah-- he's dead. No need for worries!