Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Casper Quest

My eyes stayed transfixed on the television as the camera slowly looked around. The thermal infrared camera picked up varying patches of heat around the room! A sure sign of ghosts! Then the hunters played back audio from a cassette they had left on the bed. Someone definitely said "Get out now". That or "My name is Emily", or maybe it was a cough. All in all, the proof of paranormal was overwhelming.

I am a true believer in ghosts. I have even taken pictures that contain ghost orbs. Sure, some people may say its just the camera's flash bouncing off dust, but aren't ghost orbs a much more believable explanation than that crackpot science.

Electronic voice phenomenon is just more proof. It may sound like static and be interpreted a million ways, but I'm pretty sure the one that fits the storyline is the right analysis.

Luckily the ghost hunters have an amazing ability to scare away ghosts when they turn the camera on, never to be seen on film. I respect the ghost hunters for the great service they are doing for our planet. Without them, spirits would be roaming the streets.

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