Monday, August 11, 2008

The Cost of Fame: $0

Today's celebrity: All the isolation and lack of privacy as stars of the past with none of that pesky admiration or respect.

At an age where hundreds of channels, movies, and websites are touting new celebrities daily, fame is not hard to come by, but the benefits of that fame are rapidly diminishing.

The reason celebrities are not as rich and beautiful as before is because beauty and achievement are no longer requirements of stardom. Long ago, when celebrities stopped doing important things, their publicity would stop. They would have to demolish a town on elephant back, or hijack a train full of pandas to get a mention in the press again. Now, going to a pet supermarket constitutes breaking news.

I don't expect the public to idolize the most talented authors or artists. Anyone with passion, dedication, or creativity will do just fine. Too bad apathy and stupidity are in season.

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