Thursday, August 7, 2008

Get Rich or Die Trying

The internet is an extremely interesting prospect for all the dreamers in the world who want to get rich quick. For the first time it is possible to start a successful company without any risk.

In the past, dreams of success required at least a little initiative. If you wanted to make millions selling delicious ice cream, you would need to go buy some milk, sugar, and rock salt, open up a stand, and wait around. The internet dream is like drawing a picture of an ice cream cone and hoping the cash will start flowing in.

Facebook is a testament to the new age of business. Mark Zuckerberg probably created other websites before Facebook, and would have probably created others if it had not been such a hit. When a business fails, the owner can go bankrupt. When a website fails, the user makes his way around forums to promote his next work of genius.

"I have a created an amazing new website. It's called It's fun and 90% of every dollar goes to getting me a freakin' X-Box 360."

A sure failure, but no worries. Just move on and create another waste of cyberspace.

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Anonymous said...

It's the law of the jungle, NTG. Without any natural predators to keep the population in check, you get a 'survival of the goofiest' thing going on.