Saturday, August 9, 2008

How to Look Environmentally Friendly

It is becoming cool to be environmentally concious. It is a great thing, because real change has to occur with a society, not just with the government or media. Not everyone has gotten rid of their gasoline powered refrigerators yet, and I don't want anyone to feel left out, so here are some ways to appear in the know:

Make things you already do in your daily life about the environment - "I really try to use less paper by emailing instead of writing out notes and sending them via carrier pidgeon."

Research facts to appear well informed - "Did you realize that Apple is switching to all flourecent light bulbs. It's just great how companies are moving towards more green solutions."

Throw out guilt trips - "You should consider installing solar panels. It really helps reduce your footprint."

Add "It's not the solution, but every little bit helps" to the end of every sentence about the environment or energy.

Complain your way out of embarrasment -
"Oh, you drive a pick up truck..."
"I know it's just ridiculous. These automobile manufacturers make no attempt to help our environment. Then are in it with the big oil companies. I need a big truck to get around and they make me choose between a gas guzzler and a tiny hybrid."

Now go out there and look green.

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