Friday, August 15, 2008

Fully Developed

A "Developing Country" is a nation that actually has to use its workforce to make useful items. A "Developed Country" is a nation that uses its workforce to discuss and pass around the items that other countries have made.

Money is now just digits in a database. We have invented a genius system where someone gives us a bunch of things we need, and in return we give them a couple numbers on the computer. The United States imports far more than it exports. That's like giving someone a yo-yo, getting a Wii in return, and calling it a fair trade.

If the whole system were to collapse, who would actually be useful?

Bankers would obviously be gone, along with anyone working with the stock market, finances, investment firms, or insurance.

No more salesmen, advertisers, or marketers. All of them just move around other country's products.

Goodbye to the huge portion of the software industry that deals with banks and insurance.

After all the other related jobs are gone, we are left with small pockets of resistance. The few independent bakers and butchers left. Farmers in the midwest. The small yo-yo manufacturers. Wait, all yo-yos are now made in Taiwan. I take it back, they just give us the Wii and yo-yo for free.

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